We are pleased to offer a variety of annual, multiyear, and life membership levels to meet the needs of all players.

All ATA members are entitled to the following benefits:

  •   ATA Advantage Newsletter
  •  ATA Membership Card
  • Exclusive offers on ATA Merchandise

ATA Life Members are entitled to the above benefits as well as:


  • Ability to vote in ATA Elections
  • Exclusive Life Member Reception at ATA National Championships
  • Exclusive ATA Life Member newsletter (electronic)
  • Discounted ATA Merchandise.

 The pricing structure for all membership levels is listed below:

Adults                 Juniors

Annual Membership              $ 25.00                 $ 15.00
2 yr Membership                    $ 48.00                 $ 28.00
Life Member                            $400.00               $400.00

Family Membership—Family of four—2 Adults—
2 Children—$ $60.00
We hope that you will consider joining this historic organization today!

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